Footballers pay homage to mothers

Soccer coach and mentor Xolani Sicamba was happy happy to celebrate Women's Day with the mothers of players.

Women’s Day commemorates courageous women who contributed to the struggle for women’s emancipation while fighting against the pass laws under the apartheid regime, but for young KTC soccer players, the day was about embracing and honouring their mothers.

Players from Sisonke Soccer and MSB Nitros held a special awards ceremony where they also served a meal.

Led by their mentor, Xolani Sicamba, the players said they decided to celebrate the day differently.

An elated Mr Sicamba said it was important for him and his players to show respect and love to people who loved them. “We encourage parents and kids to spend time with one another,” he said.

“We also felt it was time to say thank you for the motivation and providing everything while we’re under their guidance.

“This is a touching moment for me because most of them had nothing to offer, but love for their children. I believe love is the greatest thing one could give her or her family members.”

Mr Sicamba said with the help of parents and a few donors they had been able to get together some gifts for the parents.

“It was our time to inspire the mothers. They had to look at us for inspiration for a change. They have done so much for us under difficult situations and succeeded.

“As much as we are still looking at them to give us more things, now we are giving back to them,” he said.

Player Thabo Mthathi called on their parents to continue supporting them.

“We love them that is why we are gathered here today. They have done a lot of things for us. But when we are short of certain things we still appeal for their assistance,”he said.

Speaking on behalf of the mothers, Nomandla Solomons urged parents to show love to their children and commended the good work done by the two teams.

“We are in an area where crime is rife. If your children play here or is part of sport, please do not stop supporting him. We need to rally behind these boys so that they do not get into crime. I am pleased with what I am seeing,” she said.