CODETA now owns petrol station

A taxi association in Khayelitsha now owns its own petrol station, and it claims to be the first in the country to do so.

The Cape Organization for the Democratic Taxi Association (CODETA) unveiled the petrol station, opposite the police station, on Thursday July 2.

The association’s secretary, Nceba Enge, who now manages the station, said Codeta was in the business of transportation so it made sense to own a petrol station.

The association, he added, also wanted to change the way people saw the taxi industry, which has earned a reputation for infighting and violence.

Taxi operators were educated people running a genuine business that they wanted to see grow, Mr Enge said.

The association had set up a separate company to run the petrol station, and it was hoped that it would become a strong source of alternative revenue, he said.

“We are the first taxi association in the country that owns a petrol station.

“We are also creating job opportunities for the people of Khayelitsha.

“We have hired over 30 people and they all from Khayelitsha. We want to see this grow.

“I must applaud the leadership of Codeta as they are visionaries. This clearly demonstrates that they are changing the face of the association,” he said.