Cellphone customer waits in vain for refund

Mawande Nongwane showing her slips to Vukani.

Tension is mounting between a customer and a chain store over unrefunded money after the customer was double-charged for a phone.

A resident of Bardale in Mfuleni is demanding to know why Pep Cell won’t refund her, after she was charged twice for the same thing.

Thembile George said his fiancé, Mawande Nongwane, went to buy a mobile phone which cost R658, on Saturday July 23 and was double charged.

But Pep Cell staff maintained that they rectified the mistake and paid Ms Nongwane’s refund into her account.

Mr George and his fiancé, however deny this.

The couple confirmed to Vukani on Tuesday August 23 that they went to Post Bank to check the account, but no refund had been deposited.

“When we went back to find out about what they called a mistake, we were told it will be in the account in seven days. But we waited until this day. There is no money reversed. We have checked the bank statement but there is nothing,” Mr George said.

According to documents shown to Vukani, Ms Nongwane was charged twice on the same day. But there is no time reflected on the slip.

“This could not have been a mistake,” Mr George argued. “This could be fraud.”

Asked why she has not taken the matter to the police if she suspects fraud, Ms Nongwane said she had confidence that she would be refunded.

”The manager promised to do all she can to reverse the money but nothing has happened. After noticing that it has not come into the account, I went back to them but they told me that the problem is with my account. But when I went to the post office to enquire, I was told there was nothing wrong with my account,” she said.

Vukani tried in vain to speak to the Mfuleni store manager and staff would not give her personal contact numbers.

While they were aware of the case in question, they would not comment on it and promised to pass our messages on to the manager.