Calls to help Nyathela family in KTC

Manene Nyathela is unemployed.

Local KTC residents have made a call to whoever can help their “very poor neighbour”.

The concerned neighbours of Manene Nyathela have come together to seek help for him.

Led by Nontombi Ntleki, the residents told Vukani they noticed their neighbour’s son going to school with torn clothes and looking hungry.

They said when they enquired, they found out that the man and his son often go to sleep having had nothing but water.

They have now taken it upon themselves to seek help from those who can assist, including the local councillor and non-governmental organisations.

When Vukani was called to Mr Nyathela’s home, he had just cleaned his small yard.

He told our reporter that life has not been easy for him, and he lives under visibly unbearable conditions.

The two-roomed shacked has one bed, covered with two torn blankets.

However, he said, he tried to be a good father to his only son.

The single father used to be a taxi driver but has been unemployed for four years now and says despite many attempts, he has been unable to secure employment.

“Being a taxi driver did not make life better for me. Even then I struggled to make ends meet,” he said.

“I am a very poor but trying all I can do for us.

“At least I am under the care of my sister who is supportive of me. She brings whatever she can so we can have bread on the table.

“But it is tough. This shack is not in a good condition too,” Mr Nyathela told Vukani.

Ms Ntleki said after seeing the boy, she wanted to know where he lived.

“When I saw this man, it was somebody I know. It pained me to see him in this condition. It hurts to see a child without uniform and clothes,” she said.

Representative of the South African National Civic Organisation in KTC, Lumkile Msila said no one should have to live in such conditions and called on anyone who could assist Mr Nyathela to come forward.

If you can help, call SANCO secreatary on 078 744 6218.