Basic computer training course offers hope

Some of the graduates who were thrilled to have completed their training.

A 36-year-old mom of three who did not complete matric was thrilled to be one of 40 students who graduated with a certificate in basic computer literacy over the weekend.

The three-month training had been conducted by Umtha Wemfundo, and the graduation ceremony was held at Andile Msizi in Site B on Saturday November 9.

Thunyiswa Gwe said when she enrolled for the training she was clueless about how a computer worked or even how to switch it on.

For years she had wanted to empower herself with the ability to use a computer, but was worried about embarrassing herself.

Then she took a bold step. She quit her job at a coffee shop and enrolled in the programme.

Ms Gwe, who lives in Mfuleni, said many jobs she had applied for required the person to have at least basic computer skills.

That, she said, closed many doors for her – and left her feeling demoralised. She told Vukani she dropped out of school in 2004 when she was in Grade 11 due to some challenges she was facing and at the aged of 21 was forced to become the breadwinner in her household.

But she never gave up hope that she would be able to improve her qualifications and her chances of finding a good job.

“I’m grateful for being able to complete my training. This means a lot to me.

“I have always wanted to know how to use a computer and now I can. It’s never too late to empower yourself.

“I will now be able to assist my husband in documenting some of the business documents. “I will forever cherish this moment in my life.

“I urge other people to empower themselves so that they could better their lives. Indeed education has no age limit. “This might seem like nothing to someone else but to me it means a lot,” she said. Umtha Wemfundo managing director Delport Maseti said being able to use a computer had becomie a necessary skill for anyone looking for work.

Therefore, he said, his organisation had made it a priority to ensure that people were equipped with critical computer skills and a stood a better chance of finding employment.