Anarchy must come to an end

Andile Dube, Gugulethu

I am a bona fide of Gugulethu.

I grew up and did my lower grades in Guguletu. I (later) attended the University of the Western Cape.

What is happening in Gugulethu under the pretext of housing demand is more than what meets the eye.

Who, in this time in our political juncture, can destroy what one has, in demand for something else?

Every time there are these housing or service delivery protests, traffic lights, street signs and bus shelters are broken.

Roads are barricaded, with no company cars, delivery vans, ambulances and municipal trucks and cars being allowed in.

These people are not committed to any process seeking a solution to this but want to make our areas no-go areas.

Last week a primary school was closed (and) children were sent away for their safety.

My challenge is to the community leaders and progressive structures. I am asking as well, the voice of reason to stand up and do something about this.

Our communities cannot be held to ransom by the elements advocating for anarchy.

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