Amavundle clan inaugurate king

Chief Zanozuko Makhazi and wife Nobantu and King Mbinantle Mbauli arriving in Site C.

The aMavundle clan inaugurated King Mbinantle Victor Mbauli as their monarch with the community from different backgrounds witnessing the process.

The king took an oath before his subjects to preserve, respect, uphold and defend the laws and traditions of aMavundle.

The Bafokeng Kopanang was established in 2011 with the key mission to research about the clan’s roots, heritage and traditional customs, and foster unity among those who originate from this clan.

The aMavundle traditional leaders with its chiefs mobilised in all nine provinces met in Khayelitsha on Saturday July 16 with the objective to unite their clan and implement community and social work through the country.

Among others present at the event was the aMavundle Paramount Chief Ndumiso Makhazi, Aah Zanokuhle and wife Nozuko.

Members of this clan from across the province gathered at Intlanganiso High School hall, Site C, to witness the day and listen to the king when he also opened their calendar year and discussed a programme of the action.

The king called on all the aMavundle to unite. “We ought to be one and forge forward to help our people. We have programmes to do. We can only succeed in helping each other through unity,” he told his people who packed the hall.

Principal Chief Doctor Molapo Qhaladira Nkitseng, who said it was the time for a new dawn, helped in moderation and handed over the throne of King Sekete 2rd.

In traditional attire, aMavundle sang and danced. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by the locals. It is a celebration that brings families and friends together. It is even believed that foes also become friends on this day forgetting the past.

Paramount Chief Ndumiso Makhazi praised the aMavundle for coming out in numbers to witness the day. He said the proceedings were the best way to enjoy and see the event of the day.

Bafokeng Kopanang said through their association they wanted to research their history and how they should perform their cultural practices. Some members said the king has the task of uniting a divided clan.

They admitted that there are some members who have decided to have their own group.

Bafokeng Kopanang said that is the first task of the organisation and the king, ensuring unity among aMavundle.

Amavundle women in traditional attire singing for their king at the event.
Kings and chiefs from different nations in Site C, Khayelitsha during the inauguration.
It was a happy day in Site C when aMavundle came to inaugurate their King.