Songbird reaches new heights

Nomcebo Zikode is doing wonders with her music, and she expects a lot of good things to come.

Xola Moya Wam and Jerusalema hitmaker, Nomcebo Zikode, laughed off the suggestion that her new album, Xola Moya, is competing with Master KG’s Jerusalema.

Her new song, Xola Moya Wam has hit the entertainment industry with a bang, following in the footsteps of the world wonder hit Jerusalema by Master KG.

Nomcebo features on Master KG’s Jerusalema.

Within a week of Xola Moya’s release, the album reached gold.

She said writing Xola Moya Wam during the Covid-19 period was a blessing in disguise. Remembering the long nights during lockdown when she thought it was the end of the world, she said that prompted her to write the song – while, at the back of her mind, she said she was questioning God.

“Remember Jerusalema was conquering and it was one of the best songs I was involved in. There were bookings from here and internationally but we could not go. I thought to myself what is God doing to me. When I was about to tour the world, suddenly everything was in lockdown. I wrote Xola Moya Wam because there was no way I would ever tour the world,” she told Vukani during her recent visit to Khayelitsha.

She now believes that God has His way of uplifting His people.

Jerusalema and Xola Moya Wam have been making airwaves and competing for top spot in the charts. But Nomcebo said there are no songs that could compete with Jerusalema at the moment even though her Xola Moya songs have been the talk of the town and played everywhere. But she said through the #Jerusalema dance challenge, Jerusalema has become a global phenomenon.

However, she has taken the country, and probably the continent, by storm with her hit song and she is happy she is doing well. While the two songs have topped the charts on several occasions, the songbird maintained that Jerusalema is special.

“I remember writing the song and thinking it would be big. When I suggested it to some of my colleagues, they laughed it off. But now, most people are eating humble pie. But truth be told, it will never match Jerusalema.”

After so many years of backing other artists, she is grateful to the Almighty and Open Mike for realising her talent.

She said there were times when her family in Durban would suggest she should just give up and find a paying job. But she was offered a lifeline by Open Mike.

“A gentleman by the name of Lionel Jamela saw me backing DJ Ganyani. It was after that that he kept calling me. He wanted a meeting with me, until one day I went. They told me how talented I was and gave me a chance to sing. There was Master KG and the rest is history,” she said.

Before finding international fame after the release of her collaboration with Master KG, she worked with a lot of artists like Lundi, Zahara Kholeka, DJ Ganyani and many others. Even so, she refuses to be called a celebrity.

“I am not one at all. But that clicks when I get a call from people who need my help or advice on something. But I am happy with the progress of my album. It is doing well in the market,” she said.

The album is available at all music stores.