Gospel show

A gospel show in Luhlaza High School.

Gospel lovers from all walks of life descended on Luhlaza High School in Khayelitsha to attend the Sivula Unyaka Gospel Show on Saturday March 2 hosted by pastor Mfundo Tywaku.

The hall was fully packed and well-known and emerging artists showcased their God-given talent, leaving the audience begging for more.

Mr Tywaku, who is also an artist, said the show hoped to urge Capetonians to put God first in their lives before anything else.

He said the main thing he wanted was to say to people was that they should not be discouraged to chase their dreams because the previous year was bad or difficult.

He said they appealed for God’s intervention and to be a protecting shield over people’s lives.

He said many people lost relatives and friends last year and the show helps to heal their wounds while reminding them that life goes on.

He said there were times in life where one doubts that God still existed simply because of what they had faced. But he wanted to assure them that God was still in control and they should start the year on a clean slate.

He believes that each and everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated and understand that things would get better.

Mr Tywaku said the theme of the show was “Likhona Ithemba”, meaning that there was still hope. He said every storm in one’s life is not there to break one’s spirit but to make one stronger.

“The purpose of the show is not to make money but to revive people’s spirit.

“I personally want people not to lose hope in their different life journeys. I want the show to restore people’s faith. I hope the show brings people closer to God.

“The turnout was great and that has motivated me to do this again next year. I hope I get a sponsor to partner with. Through the show I want to bring healing to the people of the Western Cape. We must put our trust and faith in the hands of God, “he said.

Talking about challenges, he said funds to cover the costs of the show had been a major issue and he had to dig deep in his pocket to cover the event but he added that the show also gives emerging artists an opportunity to perform in front of a big crowd.

Xolisa Kwinana said the show provided them with the opportunity to praise and worship God.

He said people were faced with countless life challenges therefore it was critical that people were motivated to keep on working hard. But most importantly, he said the show provided the artists an opportunity to be united.

He said the show has enabled them to show oneness and put the word of God first before their needs and interests.

He said he was working on a new album that would be released soon and in August he hopes to do an official launch.

Nozuko Phangelele who attended the show, said the show uplifted her spirits and made her realise that all the challenges she faced were meant to make her stronger rather than break her.