Poor sacrificed

Mzukisi Lukhuzo, Langa

About this Santaco taxi strike, will someone tell me about the timelines?

I mean when the strike was declared had there been meetings, feedback and consultation with the paying public? I have never heard of declaration of a strike with immediate effect.

And why are the biggest political parties quiet? No matter how far you ANC takes politics of expediency, Santaco carries no vote especially in the Western Cape, and must be reminded that in the last national elections they contested against the ANC. The ANC must take responsibility as a national government responsible for housing ( yes the continued racist spatial planning), security against thuggery and a working transport system.

The DA has chosen silence (maybe the Phoenix debacle is still haunting them) anyway they cannot be excused; they continue to rule the province and integrated housing planning is their prerogative. I am sure come election period they are going to show how much this city works.

My biggest disappointment is reserved for the EFF. The party claims to be on the side of the poor yet it’s silent – in fact the rioters go around claiming that they will report the City and ask the EFF for their support. Should it not be that the EFF intervenes and remind Santaco that any attack on the people is tantamount to a declaration of war against the revolution and the democratic principles.

The implications this action by pseudo-business people have are dire for our people, the sick can’t get medical attention, we can’t attend to weekend functions, for example burials and so on. They continue to declare that motorists must be off the road and they take no responsibility for actions suffered.

How are we suppose to take such statements.

The power still lies with the people and it has come that we regain it.