Ward 98 educare centres receive major boost

Ward councillor Anele Gabuza.

Educare centres across the country, especially in the townships, face countless challenges with most battling to keep their doors open. Financial difficulties and lack of resources are some of their challenges.

But this changed for various educare centres, in Ward 98, thanks to ward councillor, Anele Gabuza, who gave them chairs, mattresses and other essential materials.

At least 14 centres benefited from the generosity. They gathered at Masibambane hall for the hand-over ceremony. The centres applauded the ward councillor for this initiative and described it as a progressive move towards the betterment and empowerment of educare centres operating in impoverish communities. Mr Gabuza said these centres aim to give children the best possible foundation for their further education and careers.

He said it is a known factor that many educare centres shut their doors because they do not have all the necessary equipment to operate. He said he knows that the donation was a drop in the ocean but at least this would reduce their burden.

He said he held numerious meetings with the educare centres so that he could establish their problems.

He said educare centres remain one of the sectors that doesn’t receive enough support from all spheres of government and little was done to improve them.

He strongly feels that government should allocate enough funding to address the countless challenges facing them.

He said this was the first time that he had opted to do this with the ward budget funding and he aims to keep on supporting them.

He said with the winter season looming large, he felt that it was important to assist these centres. He indicated that most of the centres in his ward were based in the informal settlements and that makes it extremely difficult for them to exist.

Mr Gabuza said many people often do not realise and understand the crucial role played by these centres in the children’s education foundation.

“Before the children could attend primary school they first attend educare which prepare children for the school environment. Teachers at educare centres make an indelible mark in the children’s education foundation.

“Before we could become who we are today we were moulded by these centres. The sectors contributesimmensely in the education of this country. I appeal to everyone to support these centres,”he said.

Nonceba Zenani, who runs Nonceba Educare Centre in Endlovini, said she was grateful for the donation and it meant a lot to them.

Ms Zenani said lack of resources and financial constraints were some of the challenges facing them. She said it was an enormous battle to operate the centre as they solely depend on the children’s fees that parents pay to cover their operational costs.