Ryushin-kan karatekas grading ceremony

Young karatekas from Ryushin-Kan karate celebrate after grading in Kuyasa on Saturday.

Celebrations were in order following the grading of young karatekas from MKA Ryushin-Kan Karate in Kuyasa, on Saturday, April 10.

Under the guidance of fifth-dan black belt, Sensei Monwabisi Spogter, the grading took place following Covid-19 protocols.

The youngster’s parents came out in full force to support as they received the first, out of many, certificates within the discipline.

Ryushin-Kan is based at the Resource Centre Hall in Kuyasa.

Students train from 5pm till 7pm, every Tuesday and Thursday.

They also have their headquarters near Kuyasa Clinic where students train from Monday to Thursday, between 4pm and 6pm for juniors, and 6pm till 7pm for adults.

For more information call or WhatsApp Zukhanyo Bolani on 071 0999 183.