OPINION: Covid-19 needs better PR

Columnist Phiri Cawe believes messaging on the coronavirus needs to improve.

It’s a joint fight

Cebo Tshogo shares his thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Langa residents live in dire conditions

The frustrated residents said the situation they live under is dire.

Foundation gives children hope

Ntombozuko Bota said they are committed to transforming communities through the education and empowerment of young children.

Gugs community builder celebrated in style

Community builder, Phumla Mayaba, recently celebrated her 83rd birthday.

Playing games stimulates children’s minds

Nombulelo Mzimkhulu said playing and engaging in physical activity was important for children’s learning and growth.

Programme prepares leaders of tomorrow

Abiona Afrika believes that leaders are made through proper guidance and leadership.

Forum promotes interfaith, unity and respect

Traditional leader Kholekile Busakwe that the forum would also be able to help the unemployed get jobs.

Dedication earns Ayakha study bursary

Ayakha Melithafa is a climate justice activist who loves the environment and all that surrounds us.

Now it’s a race against the clock

President Ramaphosa encouraged social distancing, to prevent sick people from coming into close contact with healthy people.