Zuma wont go to prison

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Andile Mlibo, Driftsands

I would not read much into the Constitutional Court ruling for former president Jacob Zuma to go to prison.

Quite frankly, I neither weep nor celebrate at this turn of events. Moreover, it is not Zuma’s doing alone to be where we are today. It was precisely you, the ANC, who convinced someone who was poorly educated to run an emerging democracy, to see himself as a leader and promoted him as above the legal threats against him.

The confidence of Zuma to defy the Constitutional Court is not incidental. Those who supported him and used his popularity to benefit themselves include ministers Blade Nzimande, Fikile Mbalula, Pravin Gordhan and Bheki Cele.

This judgment neither proves the oCnstitution as superior nor demonstrates any power of the Constitutional Court.

In the first instance, let us remember that the same constitution provided a political solution for Zuma to become a president to prevent a Zulu revolt. Secondly, Zuma has not been found guilty of any corruption.

This actually involves Zuma alone and leaves the ANC unscathed. Thirdly, there is no guarantee that Zuma will go to prison.

The Constitution and its court which claim to uphold freedom and rights are relying on the limitation of rights to show their might.