Stop misleading people about vaccines

Cebo Slyvester Kona, Gugulethu

It is so disheartening that some political leaders continue to abuse democracy for their own selfish reasons. How dare African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) leader, Reverend Kenneth Meshoe, mislead people to not take the vaccine, which he has likened to apartheid tactics?

I don’t remember having heard his voice during the apartheid-era like the other Christian leaders who were vocal against those draconian laws. He just came out later to abuse our democracy.

Meshoe’s behaviour is no different from the other prophets of doom, who feed people grass, snakes and insecticide in the name of performing fake miracles. I have a sneaky suspicion that the ACDP is not a political party but some kind of a church cult.

People like Meshoe will use any trick to stay on the payroll of Parliament. Can he explain why he is against Covid-19 vaccines?

Please stop misleading people; encourage your party followers and church congregation to get vaccinated in order to stop the virus. Let us all be vaccinated.