’Real men don’t abuse’

Patrick Somntu, Kuyasa

As the stubborn pandemic of the abuse of women and children in our beloved country continues, the message I personally conveyed on one of our TV stations continues to subconsciously echo in my head: ”To be a man is to be able to face challenges and overcome them without hurting anyone.”

None of us is immune to frustrating challenges once in a while in our lives. If we all engaged with those challenges through killing those we think are part of a problem there would be no one left in the world.

The difference between real men and monsters is in how they take out their frustrations. Monsters resort to taking out their frustrations by hurting or killing women and children.

Real men choose to channel their energy to achieving great achievements and have a positive impact on their world. Resorting to violence when facing challenges is the lowest form of weakness in any person.

Real men don’t abuse, monsters do.