Cemetery vandalism

Tshabalala Mirvin

After reading Phiri Cawe’s article last week I was appalled and share Zuko Vanyaza’s sentiments. What is happening to our cemeteries is very sad and it’s not that the City of Cape Town officials don’t see what is happening at these cemeteries.

I looked at Gugulethu cemeteries. It is bad and it’s our own people who vandalise our grave sites.

To Mr Vanyaza, I want to say it’s about time we do something about this. As you know, we are not going anywhere. We are here to stay and will be buried in Cape Town.

Let me put it to you, masiyeke ukucenga iziduko nokuzalana Ikapa lethu lonakaliswa sijongile and the ward councillors act as if they don’t see.

To all the residents of Cape Town these are your loved ones’ graves that are being messed up.

If Vuk’ Uzenzele means that our graveyards must be used for car wash and panel and spraying of cars then I say to hell with Vuk’Uzenzele. Bemi base Kapa, nzalelwana yase Kapa phakamani.