Cancel that

Lavisa Hopa, Langa

When you switch on your TV, you are greeted with the news of millions of people dying from this or that. Newspaper headlines scream at you the news of someone who was brutally murdered. Your social media page is littered with the announcement of accidents and death.

The radio is telling that thousands have lost their jobs and more are likely to follow suit. At the train station, at work, in those shopping centres, inside clinics and even at your place of worship, you are bombarded with news that some disease has appeared out of thin air, and the world is virtually coming to an end.

This kind of bad news elicits negative vibes, and you don’t need negative energy to make it through the day. Sadly, you (largely) have no control over the spread of this news – you are ambushed with it.

However, you have control of what happens in your immediate personal space. You get to decide who comes to your house or social media space. Exercise great caution and, when you sense any form of negativity, block it out.

Negative energy comes in all shapes and forms. Bitter and toxic people hide behind jokes, “justified” disagreements, sarcastic remarks and even laughing emojis to parachute their negative energy into your space.

Cancel that. We have a lot of negativity on our plates as things stand.