Youth urged to dream big

Ayanda Ngaba, the event organiser, said young people should be go-getters.

Young people were urged to be ambitious and dream big when Eagles Christian Fellowship Centre Church celebrated Youth Day in Harare through an empowerment event on Thursday June 16.

The theme Straining Forward was aimed at reshaping and transforming the lives of young people to become better.

Event organiser, Ayanda Ngaba, said the event was created to urge the youth to dream big, create wealth and seize opportunities which are available in the economy.

Ms Ngaba said young people must gather courage to tease out new ideas and must not fear to stumble on the way. Being young, she said, is about thinking up unreasonable ideas and having the boldness to try them.

The 28-year-old police officer said she believes as young people they were capable of playing their part in making this country a better place.

She said the youth of 1976 fought for the younger generation to make an indelible mark in the betterment of the country. She feels that young women and men have the power, time and stamina to achieve their goals no matter how big or small they might be.

“I want my peers to dream big. I had a vision to create this just before Covid hit the country and I believed in it so much that I knew after the lockdown restrictions had been eased I would host it. I believe that we are facing significant challenges which often lead to failure to fulfil our dreams.

“But I believe that every person can grow and thrive when getting support from those who are closest to their lives. Young people you must march on,” she said.

Ms Ngaba said if one or two people could be changed through this event it would mean so much to her as it would have achieved its purpose.

Sharon Moatshe, who owns a coffee shop and was among the speakers, said such platforms enable them as young people to acknowledge what the previous generation had done for them so that they could have these privileges and opportunities.

Ms Moatshe said the key message she wanted to convey to young people was that life can change regardless of where they come from because there is a hope that tomorrow will bring something positive.

She started her coffee shop in 2020 and believes that you can find an opportunity during a crisis.

Grade 12 pupil from Kwamfundo High School, Siphokuhle Lolwana, said she has learnt about the importance of making wise and informed life choices.

She said she feels empowered and lucky that she had attended the event.

Unathi Mbebe, who has her own law firm, reassured the youth that their dreams are valid and its not about where you come from but it’s about where you are going.

She urged her peers to push forward even though they might encounter hurdles along the way.

Asked how June 16 should be celebrated, she said it should see young people wearing their graduation gowns.

She also urged the youth to venture into entrepreneurship.

As she concluded the interview, she said life is about choices and its up to you to make the right choice about your future.

Those who had attended the event listened attentively to each speaker.
Sharon Moatshe, who owns a coffee shop, urged the youth to be fearless.