Youth Day event gives budding artists voice

Luyolo Lengili and Sikelelwa Sistshintshi kept the audince glued to the stage.

Langa is abundantly blessed with budding musicians, poets, actresses and actors.

This was evident when Langa Arts Association (LAA) held a youth day event, on Thursday June 16, to commemorate June 16 at Guga S’thebe Arts and Cultural Centre.

Banzi Tema, artistic director of LAA, said the event was aimed at educating the pupils of Langa about the importance of Youth Day while also addressing issues youth face today and providing a platform for budding artists to sharpen their skills in different art forms.

He said the youth of today were grappling with issues such as teenage pregnancy and drug abuse.

“We want the youth to recognise the day by using it to advance their careers and be grateful for the sacrificed made by the youth of 1976. But we want them to use art as a form to express themselves about the issues they are battling with. The main play here was about illustrating the dangers of using drugs not only for those who use it , but also to the society as a whole.

“We want the youth to find their voice through art and we want them to talk openly about these issues that are bothering them. We need to capitalise on the opportunities that had been provided by the youth of 1976 in bettering their lives of the current generation, “ he said.

Mr Banzi appealed to the parents to share their wisdom and guide the current generation on the right path to ensure they are not labelled as a lost generation.

Budding actor and musician Luyolo Lengili, 17, expressed his sincere gratitude to the LAA for providing a rare platform for the upcoming artists to hone their skills.

He said before the event they attended intensive acting workshops after school organised by the LAA where they were trained by the experienced members of the association on how to act or sing.

“I was part of a play that illustrated what had transpired on that day in 1976 and the play made me feel as if I was there as well because of how it was directed and written. I could feel their frustration and anger.

“Our history needs to be taught properly because there are some of the things that are still hidden from us and it needs to be taught in our own mother tongue, “ he said.

Luyolo urged the youth to grab the opportunities that had been given to them to study and become better citizens of the country. He believes that education is the only tool that would rescue them from poverty and turn their dreams into reality.