Youth and police work together to combat crime

This group will work with Langa police in the fight against crime.

Police are partnering with young people from Langa to combat crimes that affect them – and which are perpetrated by youth.

Langa police said fighting crimes against children remains a priority for them and so, during Child Protection Week – which is marked annually from May 30 to June 6 – they engaged with pupils from high schools in the area.

On Friday June 3, they all met at Langa police station to declare war on crimes against children.

Sergeant Nonkosi Mapukata, accompanied by other police officers, said the trends for the past years had shown an increase in certain categories of crime by youths like abuse, robbery and others.

“The fight against crime perpetrated on children and done by them needs us all. We call them here today because it is Children’s Week. We want to protect them now and beyond. This is exciting to see them willing to work with us,” she said.

The police will provide a unique system of support and mentoring for children and young adults who feel alienated or hostile to society, she added.

Police will also run specialist services for young people who are either the victims of violence or are facing academic struggles.

“They should not feel alienated while we are here as police. But we also want them to understand that the police station is here for everyone. They need to use us. They can report whatever crime they see and is done to them,” said Sergeant Mapukata.

Police spokesperson Captain Nondumiso Paul said in this era of increased youth violence one of the ways that is being raised is to have police working with youths.

“We could reduce a range of youth crimes if we work with schools. This is a big day for us, having to work with energetic young people. My belief was that youths have a big impact in any community. That is why we need to love and protect them,” she said.

After they elected members that will work with them, they went to primary schools around Langa where they had similar engagements with the children.

The group elected Lilutho Tom as the chairperson, Zimkhitha Folokhwe as vice-chair, Aphiwe Mhlukuza as secretary, Njabulo Notyesi as PRO, Qhamokuhle Xubu as treasurer then there are commissioners and project managers as well.

Some of the unwanted crimes on the wall.
Sergeant Nonkosi Mapukata said Langa police are dedicated to work young people especally the high school ones,