Your vote must be your choice

Thembalethu Qolo, KTC

Choosing a political party is a personal choice. And that is what we call democracy.

There shouldn’t be any form of intimidation or manipulation of the process.

Those who choose political parties based on emotions, history, rhetoric – it’s their choice.

And those who choose them based on service delivery and current records, that’s their choice.

The movement of people from one political party to another is an indication that our democracy is getting stronger.

It is 22 years into democratic South Africa, and we should not be having the “no go areas”.

That must be left in the past.

And in order for us as a nation to achieve unity, we must not have black or white political parties.

We must move away from divisions based on society, race, class, and gender.

Any segregation used by political parties must not find expression. Democracy is the beacon of hope and the right to choose is fundamental.

So those who moved from one party to the other must not be shaken as long they are clear on their reason for moving.

I personally joined politics to fight social injustices against the people.

That’s my reason and purpose of being in politics.

So define yours and be clear with it.