Your past is not your present

Thembisile Mdingi, Ilitha Park, Khayelitsha

We all come from different backgrounds. We were raised by people who had their own views on what life is.

Undoubtedly, the environment we grew up in has an impact on our lives. When I was still a child, there was a belief that people from affluent backgrounds were more likely to succeed than those who grow up poor.

Does this type of thinking still occupy most people’s minds? I don’t believe that growing up in a rich household guarantees future success.

The opposite of that statement also holds true. Being raised in complete poverty doesn’t mean your life will end in destitution.

If that was true, how could we position ourselves to succeed in spite of our past?

Success and failure are determined by our attitudes towards life. As a person, you have all it takes to transform your life.

I know that some of us didn’t have any resources to help us pursue a better life after matric.

However, life doesn’t favour those who fold their hands and wait for the miracles to happen.

Some people have all the resources they need to make their dream come true, but they never make anything of their lives.

This proves that success is not entirely dependant on what you have.

Life is a journey. Once you look back, you will realise how many opportunities you missed while you were focusing on your past.

If you know what you want in life, don’t allow storms to wipe away your dreams.

Always be enthusiastic, occupy your mind with positive thoughts, and never allow your challenges to drag you down.

Always view your poverty-stricken background as a source of motivation.

Dream big as there is nothing standing in the way of your success.