Women urged to take control of their lives

Left: Women from all walks of life gathered at Isivivana hall to attend a high tea event which was aimed at uplifting them.

In an effort to boost women’s self-esteem and to encourage them to work hard to achieve their dreams, Thy Kingdom Come Ministry church held a high tea at Isivivana centre, in Khayelitsha, on Saturday April 1.

Under the theme Hats and Heels, young and old women from around Khayelitsha attended the event.

Through the event, the church hoped to create a platform for women to share ideas on how to succeed and tips to tackle challenges facing them.

Participants shared inspirational stories and ideas on financial matters, marriage, career guidance and the importance of caring for each other.

Pastor Lelethu Mamani said women faced countless challenges which affected their confidence. She said the role of the church was not only to preach, but to also make a meaningful contribution in impoverished communities and that churches should lead by example. She urged women not to sell their souls or bodies to get ahead in life, to create a support base for other women and to do away with jealousy and other unhealthy things that hindered their success.

She added that women had massive responsibilities but often had little or no time to empower themselves. Ms Mamani firmly believes that now is the time for women to realise their potential and capabilities to transform their respective communities.

She said the church was delighted with the feedback they got from the participants.

“We seek to revive and change the way they look at life. We wanted women to know that they have the skills and capabilities of becoming anything they put their mind to.

“We have discovered that, spiritually and physically, women needed to be encouraged.

“We hope that when these women leave here they will they will feel rejuvenated,” she said.

Participant Zuzi Ndongeni, said she felt revitalised and had learnt a lot from the event. Ms Ndongeni urged the church to host monthly events for women to share ideas.

She said it was unfortunate that women were not seen as people who could occupy senior positions. She said such events played a vital role in reminding them of their potential to reach their goals.

Church member, Nandi Sakhi, said the event was significant in that it showed women that they could achieve anything they put their minds to.