Women launch organisation to help community

Sister Lelona Manona from Nyanga clinic urging women to live a healthy lifestyle.

Women of Nyanga’s Ward 37 marked International Women’s Day last Thursday by launching a women’s group called Women for Change and also reaching out to poor families.

The group will work as foot soldiers in the community, visiting families in need and cleaning for the disabled.

The Nyanga women did not only join the world in giving messages on the day but thought of those who cannot make ends meet by giving out food parcels.

Several issues affecting women also came under the spotlight, such as the infringement of their rights, abuse and challenges in the workplace including leadership roles.

Among the speakers were nurses and Miranda Ngculu Sub-council 14 chairperson Thandi Makasi who applauded the work done by the local councillor and the women he worked with.

Ms Makasi said women need to be encouraged to look after themselves and their health.

She said there are still women who are abused in their homes and condemned that.

“The local councillor did a wonderful job by making sure that he encouraged those who are abused. This is event is more like showing them that they are not alone. As Sub-council 14 we also urge everyone to give women the respect they deserve whether is in the workplace or at home,” she said.

She said this special day should be celebrated to recognise women’s achievements and their contribution to the society.

She also called on women to inspire those who are still young.

Sister Lelona Manona from Nyanga clinic encouraged women to always live a healthy lifestyle.

She urged them to visit clinics and exercise to keep themselves healthy.

She acknowledged the fact that the clinic has a shortage of staff and that could be detrimental to women going to the test for all sorts of diseases.

However, she said they should not despair but continue to visit clinics.

“We should not be scared to test for different diseases. We have all sorts of programmes that can help women and children. These facilities are made for them so they should use them,” she said.

Ward 37 councillor Luyanda Nyingwa was among the speakers at the commemoration and launch.

He praised women for coming together to form a body that will make them work to uplift the community.

“They are prepared to serve their community with pride. I call others to join them and volunteer their services to the development of the community. Women are always at the forefront of many things including guiding the community,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a statement released on the day by the Department of Social Development, MEC Albert Fritz called on all women who are experiencing abuse to get help and report abusers. He condemned the continuing incidents of violence and murder of women.