Woman on the run after killing

Ncediswa Ngcongca talks about how her mother was killed, while her father, Philip, looks on.

A Gugulethu woman is on the run after allegedly stabbing a 60-year-old mother to death and injuring her daughter and another family member.

The woman, whose identity is being withheld for legal reasons, was described as “troublesome” by police and the community of NY123, where the incident happened more than two weeks ago.

She has been on the run since her victim passed away on Friday March 8.

It is alleged that on Thursday March 1, the woman stabbed Thandeka Ngcongca as well as her daughter, Nocwaka and another relative. The three were treated at KTC hospital, but Ms Ngcongca was transferred to Groote Schuur the following day, due to the severity of her injuries. She spent several days at the hospital, before she eventually succumbed to her injuries on Friday morning. She was laid to rest on Saturday March 17.

Ms Ngcongca’s emotional daughter, Nocwaka said the problem began when her cousin went to cook at a house not far from theirs.

She said the accused had allegedly been standing on the street with a knife shouting at people. She said her mother went out to try to stop the commotion. However, the accused allegedly stabbed her twice, in the back and the side.

Nocwaka said she was alerted to the situation by onlookers.

She said she then ran out to “save my mother”, but as she tried to intervene, the woman allegedly tried to stab her as well.

“I put my body on the line to save my mother, but she stabbed me in the hand,” said Nocwaka.

She claimed that the woman was enraged and threatened to stab anyone who came near her. It is alleged that she stabbed another family member, who also tried to intervene.

Nocwaka said the family was shocked by the incident and want the accused to face the might of the law.

“We did not think our mother would die so soon,” she said.

According to the family, Ms Ngcongca was rushed to KTC hospital. She was apparently treated and sent home. But due to the severity of her pain, she returned to the hospital the following day. She was then transferred to Groote Schuur Hospital.

Her devastated daughter, Nced-iswa said after her mother had been taken to KTC hospital, the accused had gone there “to finish her off”, but was stopped at the gate by security.

She said the doctors had informed the family that Ms Ngcongca had had “a lot of internal bleeding”.

Ms Ngcongca’s other daughter, Nomfusi, said their mother had been able to do little for herself.

“She slowly began loosing her mind. When I visited her on Thursday she was quiet, just a funny sound coming out of her mouth,” she said.

On Friday the family members were shocked when police arrived, asking them to go to hospital. There they were told their mother had died.

Ms Ngcongca’s traumatised sister, Maria Mkangala, said they had been very close.

“I spend most of my time here. No one was close to her like me. We were always together. I am deeply hurt.

“I am trying to be strong,” she told Vukani, before breaking down in tears.

Gugulethu police spokeswoman, Constable Sindisiwe Ngqele, said police were searching for the woman suspected of the stabbing.

“The suspect is on the run and the police are looking for her. They visited her house several times, but could not find her.

She said the woman
faced charges of murder and assault.“

* Anyone with information about the case can contact Detective Mahlatshana of the Gugulethu CID at 021 684 1500.