Water leak worries Gugs resident

Gugulethu resident, Phumelele Gcilishe shows Vukani the constant water leakage coming from a broken water pipe which is connected to a water meter box outside his house.

Visibly frustrated Gugulethu resident, Phumelele Gcilishe, is concerned that the water leak outside his house has continued for so long that the overflowing water could affect his boundary wall.

The water pipe connected to the meter started leaking more than four years ago but at the time it was just dripping, but as time went by, the leak became a steady stream.

The 63-year-old pensioner said he had also visited Fezeka municipal offices to inform them about the leaking pipe at the water meter.

However, he said, when workers came to do the repairs, they changed the meter even though he had pointed out that the leak was coming from a broken pipe, not the meter itself.

Since then, he has logged a number of additional calls with the municipality, but the matter remains unresolved. He showed Vukani various reference numbers to back up his claim.

In an effort to direct the streaming water away from his property, said Mr Gcilishe, he dug a channel in the pavement.

“The water had lift some tar and created trench just next to me. I fear that this water would affect my boundary and one day I might find my boundary wall with cracks and eventually crashed down. Now, I’m pensioner and I don’t have money lying around to fix a damaged wall. If this leakages damages my boundary wall, the municipality won’t fix it,” he said.

Mayoral committee member for water and waste, Xanthea Limberg, said a first-level responder is being sent to the address to investigate and that further feedback would be provided in due course.

A pipe connected to water meter has been broken for more than four years and yet the municipality has not attended to ti despite numerous calls.
A steady water coming from leaking pipe connected to a water meter has caused this trench