Wardens show gogos soft spot

Langa seniors in a happier mood during Women's Month celebrations organised by the Department of Correctional Services.

Langa seniors were pampered by Correctional Services staff as part of a Women’s Month event at Monwabisi Hall, on Wednesday August 17.

The seniors from the Nothobile Senior Girls’ Club were reminded what it used to be like to have their feet rubbed and to be served food.

Clad in different traditional wear, with the smiling faces, the seniors, who referred to themselves as girls, sang and danced as the officials in uniform prepared food for them.

Thankful member of the club, Gwen Mbeyiya said women have to look after other women and that they refer to themselves as girls because “we are young at heart”.

“As girls we are really grateful for this gesture.”

Social work service supervisor Khosi Silinga advised the seniors how to live a healthily by eating correctly, exercising and taking their medication correctly.

She said they decided to focus on women aged 60 and older because they were directly and indirectly part of the 1956 women’s march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

“They are really imbokodos (rocks). But we are doing this so that they know that we still care for them. We are grateful to have them as our mothers. They are left out of many issues but they are not forgotten. And by virtue of their age, they automatically have been part of the struggle,” she said.

Ms Silinga said she was happy to see that the club had a lot of activities for them.

She praised their strength and love for each other.

Social auxiliary worker Bernadette Kent presented the victim offender dialogue programme to the club, explaining that the programme aimed to strengthen the current rehabilitation and reintegration programmes of the Department of Correctional Services.

Ms Kent said she was happy to see seniors excited. “The day was a huge success. They absolutely were amazed. We also have to thankCorner Bakery for their contribution to the event,” she said.

For more information about the victim offender dialogue, call 021462 4313.