Ward councillor buys kitchen equipment

Out-going ward 89 councillor, Monde Nqulwana, has committed to rebuild the Mew Way Hall which was vandalised and burnt a few years ago.

He started by using his ward allocation to buy industrial kitchen equipment, including stoves, microwaves and fridges worth R300 000, for the hall’s two kitchens.

He said he felt extremely sad while doing this because the original equipment had been destroyed during a service delivery protest.

“This amount could had been allocated to different project instead of buying something that was destoyed,“ he said.

He said he is committed to returning the hall to its previous standard.

Prior to the protest, the hall had been frequently booked which generated revenue. It was also a tourism attraction in Site B.

“We are hoping the community will protect the hall and the equipment in it. We should treasure the little things that we have in the community so that the government can bring other services.”

Mr Nqulwana said he didn’t understand how destroying infrastructure aided service delivery protests.

“I do not understand why people would destroy a community hall when protesting for service delivery as it has nothing to do with that. Acts of vandalism derail the government from providing other services as now it has the added the responsibility of fixing something that was destroyed.”

Other repair projects are also progressing at the hall, he said.

“Currently the hall has is being painted and some parts of the roofing needs to be fixed.”

Mr Nqulwana said the City is also installing security cameras at the hall.

Resident Thobeka Yilo said was pleased with the work done by the outgoing councillor and applauded him for his efforts to rebuild the hall.

She said she understood protesters’ frustration but it did not give them the right to destroy infrastructure. She urged the community to protect these assets.