Users of new app can swop anything with each other

Swopanything marketing officer Thandiwe Nkomfa and digital media co-ordinator Nokwanda Ntuli.

An online bartering platform which encourages people to swop their unwanted goods will be launched soon and residents of areas like Langa, Gugulethu and Khayelitsha have received guidance on how to use it.

SwopAnything provincial head, Aubrey Mcetywa, said people can trade just about anything for anything without using money.

“On this platform you can exchange simple things like a matric dance dress, a play station or any item you want or can offer,” said Mr Mcetywa.

He added that the free-to-use platform encouraged a culture of reusing and recycling products by swopping with others.

“People can also share skills on this platform. Let’s say you want to write a book but you have not talent in that regard, you can advertise for writers to contact you and discuss a way forward,” he said.

Mr Mcetywa said they have employed 50 interns to work as verifiers to ensure the safety of the app.

“All listed swop items are approved by our verification team. We urged people to take extra care when entering a swop deal, you can arrange to meet your prospective swopper at a police station to avoid mishaps,” he said.