UCT second term resumes online

An empty University of Cape Town campus.

As the countrywide lockdown commenced, the University of Cape Town has a better view of how the academic calendar will change at the institution, when the term will restart, and how teaching and learning will take place.

Some specific dates on UCT’s current teaching and learning plan might still change, depending on the Covid-19 situation.

The second term is scheduled to start on Monday April 20. From April 20 to Friday April 24, a student orientation period focusing on how to learn online will take place, followed by the start of teaching on the week of Tuesday April 28, following the Freedom Day public holiday on Monday April 27.

In light of the Covid-19 impact, there will be no formal invigilated exams at the end of the semester. Instead, assessment will be continuous during the term.

Students will not be expected to carry the same workload online that they would have had in face-to-face settings.

Students will also not have to sit in front of their computers at the time of their lectures as these can be downloaded and listened to or watched anytime.

For students whose courses require practical work or field work, this part will be done on campus once the situation has stabilised.

UCT is developing support for students in the form of tutors and consultation times with lecturers using Vula (UCT’s online collaboration and learning system), WhatsApp and SMS.

The university has identified the few students who have not received laptops and once the lockdown is has ended, laptops will be distributed to them wherever they are.

UCT is further working to ensure that students have the necessary data to access courses online.