Training for small security companies

Training facilitators together with the excited particpinats who received certificates for attending the two day CCTV training in Khayelitsha last week.

In order to build the township economy and create more employment opportunities businesses should help empower other small business with knowledge, skills and and strategies for growing their business.

So says Xola Dekeda, the managing director of Ukhanyiselo Technologies, who presented a two-day basic security and alarm installation workshop organised by iDS, a digital security company.

It was held at LookOut Hill in Khayelitsha last Thursday and Friday.

A total of 16 installers from across the province attended the session during which they were taught basic alarm installation, and introduced to CCTV technology. At the end of the two days they were presented with certificates of attendance.

Mr Dekeda said he had often been called out to fix the work of other installers who didn’t have the necessary know-how.

This, he said, was bad for the local industry, particularly installers operating in the townships.

“People would think that CCTV cameras and alarms are useless because of the sloppy work being done.

“But the actual fact is that the installers are not properly trained and did not buy the right and quality products. This affects us all and the best solution is not to bad mouth other installers, instead is to empower them,” he said.

IDS general manager, David Green, said they wanted to empower and assistant upcoming entrepreneurs through training, such as that which had been initiated by Mr Dekeda.

Among the participants was Malepa Setloboko who owns a small security company. This type of training, he said, would benefit his company and enable him to expand his services.

From left, IDS sales representative and training instructor, Junaid Coetzee, Ukhanyiselo techonologies managing director, Xola Dekeda and IDS general manager, David Green are quite pleased about the training and want to see more of these training happening.