Town Two clinic accused of poor service

A khayelitsha woman accuses nurses at Town Two clinic of having no desire whatsoever to help patients

A mom of four who gave birth to twins two months ago says she was kept waiting more than four hours for her folder and treated rudely, when she visited the Town Two clinic recently.

Khayelitsha resident, Zandile Daweti, 39, went to the facility two weeks ago for a routine visit. She arrived just after 8am, she said, but by 1pm when she left, she had not been attended to.

When she asked a nurse why she had not been given her folder, said Ms Daweti, she was treated rudely and asked to speak to someone in charge.

Zandile Daweti shows Vukani the complaint she laid with the Department of Health.

This is when she informed the deputy facility manager that after four hours in line she had not yet received her folder and that more than 140 patients were still waiting for their folders as well. Rather than getting an answer, said Ms Daweti, it was suggested that she leave.

“I furiously stormed out of the clinic around 1pm without being helped. I asked them to give me my folder or they must transfer me to another clinic but they refused to give me a folder. The nurses were busy sitting in rooms chatting while patients are seated thinking that they would be helped.

“One nurse begged another nurse to assist me but she literally refused to help me and that is when I stormed out,” she said.

Ms Daweti said she had lodged a complaint with the Department of Health as this was not the first time she had been at the receiving end of poor service at the clinic.

“How can a you wait for such a long time without being helped?“ she asked.

Department of Health spokesperson, Maret Lesch, said the department sincerely apologised for Ms Daweti’s had negative experience at the clinic.

She said the department was currently looking into what happened and that they would be in touch to assist Ms Daweti and to implement the necessary actions, where required.