Tips to save water during drought

The sound of hosepipes spraying lawns is a thing of the past and it could be for some time to come, as the City is battling to keep Cape Town’s collective water use below winter levels.

As of Monday February 13, dam levels have dropped to 36.2%, which was 1.2% down from the previous week.

With the last 10% of a dam’s water not being useable, dam levels are effectively at 26.2%.

The latest actual consumption is 825 million litres of collective use a day.

The City of Cape Town has now lowered its water consumption target from 800 million litres to 700 million litres for collective water usage a day.

Residents may now only use buckets to water their gardens and only on Tuesdays and Saturdays for no more than an hour before 9am and after 6pm.

Many households have already made contingency plans by installing grey-water systems or sinking boreholes and well-points.

Those ignoring the restrictions face spot fines of up to R5 000.

Here some cost effective measures that will reduce your water consumption:

Use grey water to water your garden so long as it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like bleaches.

Shower with a bucket to catch the excess water, and shower with your partner.

Take short two-and-a-half minute showers.

Think before you pour water down the drain. Discard the water from your dogs’ bowls on the lawn or on needy plants.

Use a large square bucket in your sink to rinse your dishes.

If your garden has plants that are suffering from a lack of water, consider replacing with succulents.

Do not to pull out weeds or overgrown bushes, as any greenery offers relief from the heat and much-needed moisture.

Consider replacing grass with pebbles.

Always water in the early morning or the early evening.