Teen’s lengthy jail sentence welcomed

Mfuleni police have welcomed the conviction and lengthy sentencing of a teenage, who was convicted for attempted murder, at Blue Downs Magistrate’s Court on Monday November 5.

Kuhle Zakhe, 18, popularly known as “Chicken” was sentenced to eight years direct imprisonment. 

According to police spokesperson, Captain Nomathemba Muavha, Zakhe opened fire on a group of men standing at Goodeve Street in Wesbank in May.
One man was injured.

“A suspect by the name of Chicken was identified as the one who committed the crime. The investigation officer left no stone unturned in ensuring that he gets the necessary information that linked the suspect to the crime,” said Captain Muavha.

She said Zakhe was arrested within that week and he was remanded in custody at one of the awaiting trial juvenile centres as he was 17-years-old at the time. He has been in custody until his trial.

Mfuleni SAPS station commander, Brigadier Peter Galant, welcomed the sentence imposed by the court and thanked the community for working with the investigating officer to ensure that Zakhe got arrested and sentenced for the crime he committed. 

Brigadier Galant said this serves as a reminder to the youth in the community that gangsterism and crime do not pay.