Teachers spread spirit of love and care

Noluthando School for the Deaf principal Ayanda Ncinane says it is important for the school to have a strong partneship with the community.

Staff at Noluthando School For the Deaf opened their hearts when they donated food parcels and clothes to five BM informal settlement families who had lost all their belongings when their shacks caught fire on Monday August 28.

The residents were left with only the clothes on their backs and were unable to salvage any of their belongings.

Residents said the fire spread quickly and all they could do was run to safety.

It is unclear what started the fire, but residents said they live in constant fear as blazes broke out often in the area.

They said the entire neighbourhood had illegal electricity connections and they had been appealing to authorities for electrification.

Resident Luvo Mgijana said they appreciated it that the Noluthando staff had thought about them.

“We are grateful for the kindness shown by the teachers,” he said.

He said he had been living in the area for nearly a decade but nothing had been done to improve their living conditions.

Mr Mgijana said most residents were unable to afford electricity due to exorbitant amounts charged by the homeowners who supplied them.

He called on government to at least provide them with electricity and taps.

Principal Ayanda Ncinane said that they wanted to show the residents that the school cared about them.

He said the school hoped to strengthen their partnership with the community.

He said that would make residents take ownership of the school. “Vandalism and theft is the main problem facing the school and we would like the community to help us in curbing it.

“I discovered that the school was isolated from the community hence it was important for me to mend the relationship between the school and community.

“We want to promote the spirit of unity,” he said

Mr Ncinane said when he noticed that some shacks were burnt he immediately alerted the staff and asked them to lend a helping hand. Community leader Siphiwo Nxusani praised the staff for their efforts and urged them to continue showing kindness.