Task team looks into gang violence

Liba Sigulugulu is adamant that there will be peace among young people of Philippi East. That includes Ireland, 4.1, Mangaung and other nearby areas.

A task team comprising members of the community police forum (CPF) and neighbourhood watches, local leaders and the ward councillor has been formed to address the fighting between youth gangs in Island and 4.1.

Since the fighting started in 2018, residents have struggled to find a solution to the problem.

According to the convener of the newly-formed task team, Liba Sigulugulu, they have already met a number of times, to ensure that their structure is represented by relevant role-players.

However, he said, he was concerned that some parents were not supporting the efforts of the group to stop the violence.

“For us to be effective we need equipment like bicycles, reflectors and any other thing that can assist us. If we are not getting these things, things might go back to bad again. We cannot relax because we have our children’s future in our hands.”

But, he added: “The support from local agencies has been overwhelming and we appreciate that.”

CPF chairman Neo Motinyane said he believes their efforts will soon pay off. “We are forging ahead and things look bright. But we need resources,” he said.

Mr Motinyane said there is also a van that is patrolling both areas. “We have noticed that there are still a few boys who are fuelling this fight but that is under control. We are happy because boys from 4.1 and Ireland are now on good terms but there are those who do not like that. But our men control everything,” he said.

The task team will monitor children to and from, Phandulwazi, Phakama, Vuyiseka, and Vukani schools.