Support call

Hartz Hlohla, The Gugulethu Progressive Development Forum (GPDF)

The Gugulethu Progressive Development Forum (GPDF) supports the clarion call made by the president on the lockdown.

We urge the Gugulethu community to comply with the rules and regulations of the lockdown.

The health workers doing the testing must be recognised and welcomed to do their job.

We also call on the police and street leadership to accompany the health workers to avoid criminals and disobedience.

The GPDF requests the Department of Health to fumigate the classrooms, malls, churches and schools before they reopen.

The congregations should start sanitising their congregants at the entrance during the reopening. We urge the community of Gugulethu to please cooperate.

Masibenegugu ngeGugulethu

Contact chairperson Hartz Hlohla at 072 038 8124.