Students told to fulfil their potential

Communications Minister Ayanda Dlodlo.

Communications minister Ayanda Dlodlo’s lecture to False Bay TVET College students on Africa Day had strong messages.

Ms Dlodlo hosted a public lecture to promote opportunities for students and urged them to be the custodians of change, in line with the National Development Plan (NDP) – Vision 2030.

Ms Dlodlo lambasted students for their love of lavish lifestyles and told them to focus on their studies.

She said most students had the potential to achieve great things in life, but they often squander their potential by making wrong decisions. She also fiercely attacked rapists, murderers and sugar daddies.

“As an African I grew up when men were men. When men would not rape or kill. When men would treat women with respect,” Ms Dlodlo said. “Men please reflect on who you are. Treat girls, mothers and aunties as qualified citizens. Not for the piece of anatomy should they be killed. Anyway in the continent real men do not rape. Real men do not terrorise the community. That is how an African is.”

In line with the day’s theme she urged the students to love their African counterparts, grow the country’s economy, and to not allow corrupt people to influence them.

“Mothers, bring up your children to respect others. Do not raise a child that will not be an asset to the country, but to correctional services. Bring up your daughters to love themselves. Girls, be content with your life. Do not aspire for things you cannot afford. Do not rely on an older person. Can you please leave my sugar daddy to me. I will leave your Ben 10 to you. You perpetuate the stereotype of patriarchy. Shortcuts in life will not help you. Do not steal,” she said to applause from the crowd.

Ms Dlodlo urged everyone to recognise the sacrifices made by those on the continent for South Africa and the country’s late political leaders.

“You still treat your fellow Africans badly. You attack and hunt them down like dogs. Africans by nature are warm people. That is why we were robbed of our land. People used our warmth to rob us. Open your heart to those who seek refuge. The continent was kind to us that it gave us liberation,” she said.

She closed her lecture by urging Africans, especially black Africans to finish their studies. She said she had faith and confidence in the African child.

President of the Student Representative Council (SRC), Andile Klass, urged the students to study in order to liberate themselves.

“This shows that the government is interested in the development of black kids in Khayelitsha. The baton has been passed to us. We should not fail those who come behind us. We need to continue with the revolution they left us with. We cannot fail the legacy they left us with,” he said.