Students spruce up Siyabulela Primary

The school has been given a face-lift.

When a group of students from Hong Kong came over to Cape Town they decided not only to see the city, but also do their bit to improve the lives of the pupils at Siyabulela Primary School in Langa.

And after the students finished painting the school and sprucing up the garden on Tuesday June 11, staff had smiles on their faces and hope in their hearts.

“This is a positive sign that the school will become healthier and more user-friendly,” said teacher Sithembele Khamsholo.

“If you look at the paintings they show that we are a school. Most of these paintings are educational. They show life skills, healthy environment and a conducive to learning.”

He said he was optimistic that more projects would come their way. “We thank them for gracing these shores and doing such work to our school. But we must also thank those who brought them here, Roots Africa Tours,” said Mr Khamsholo.

“Now we have beautiful and attractive classes (and) our children have a place to play.” Langa community worker Alfred Magwaca, who brought the project to the school, said Roots Africa had been looking for a place to develop and someone had suggested Siyabulela Primary.

“The purpose is to better the future of young South Africans. These students are not only doing this in Cape Town but around the country. “We have also worked with Nolukhanyo Educare in Zone 9. We painted the creche in June last year, “ he said.

He urged the residents to protect and take care of tourists because they often contributed a lot to the community. “Tourism does benefit. If residents take care of their environment, tourists will be attracted and investors will come in large numbers to assist us to better the future of the society,” he said.