South Korean doctor donates food, homes to Ndlovini residents

Medical doctor and a community builder Dr Peter Han is determined to change lives through his foundation, The Share Mission Foundation of South Africa

For many eNdlovini families in Khayelitsha, Tuesday was “bigger than Christmas” when The Share Mission Foundation of South Africa handed out hundreds of food parcels to needy people. This happened after the foundation donated 550 bungalows to destitute community members.

The foundation started working in Khayelitsha in 2008, with its leader, medical doctor Peter Han, visiting eNdlovini every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to feed people.

Every year Dr Han also provides scholarships for children from the area to further their education.

On Tuesday afternoon, the spirit of giving was alive and well for the underprivileged community as the foundation did its best to make them forget about the challenges led by the coronavirus.

“We have just donated 500 bungalows to the people of this area and some areas like Harare, Site B and Makhaza,” Dr Han told Vukani.

“But I must say that we are continuing with our legacy to empower people of Khayelitsha and other areas.

“We also visit Lansdowne and Athlone to give back to the people. Recently we set up an IT room in Delft at Masibambisane High School. All we want to achieve is for our people to be happy and children to get an education,” he said.

Dr Han, from South Korea said that, over the years, he had spent more than R16 million on donations including building crèches around Khayelitsha, which he described as his “second home”.

His partner in crime, Pastor Dereck Beukes of the Church of Christ, spoke highly of Dr Han.

“He is a medical doctor too and has been freely helping people here.

“He has done so much in so many areas in Cape Town. I can gladly say I am delighted to have worked with him. He has built churches, pre-schools and donated a lot of clothing and foods in most areas,” he told Vukani.

At the event, beneficiary Russel Delaharbe revealed that in February he and his two children had had nowhere to go when they decided to come to seek a place to Khayelitsha from Mitchell’s Plain little did he know that he would meet members of a church who advised him to see Dr Han.

On Tuesday, Mr Delaharbe was bursting with excitement over having received a home of his own from the foundation.

“I had a tent that was leaking in Mitchell’s Plain but I came here looking for a place. I was helped by the church members who referred me to Dr Han. I am grateful to God and more to the good doctor who gave me and the children a well-built bungalow.

“But the sad part is that I am no longer with my children because the social workers took them. But again, I at least have a roof over my head. I get food and I can eat almost every day,” he said.

eNdlovini children were delighted after receiving multi-vitamins tablets from Dr Peter Han
An example of the bungalows the Share Mission Foundation of South Africa donated to people of eNdlovini.
Volunteers at the Church of Christ in eNdlovini pack food parcels for more than 200 people of the area.