Sonwabo school honoured

Realistic organisation honours pupils from Sonwabo Primary School in Gugulethu for their dedication and involvement in their educational competition.

Gugulethu’s Realistic organisation has honoured one of the schools which has been consistent in their educational competition during the past three years.

Sonwabo Primary School in Gugulethu was recognised last Friday, February 21, for their dedication to Realistic’s initiative and was presented with a certificate.

The NPO has been in existence for more than 18 years and its goal is to promote life skills and team building among primary school pupils through educational programmes.

“We look at schools in Gugulethu and Khayelitsha to be part of the programme.

Each year we have 20 schools that participate in this programme which helps learners to be better thinkers and leaders,” said Realistic’s school programme co-ordinator, Paris Makayi.“The Realist competition focuses on various programmes.

It takes place annually around April, so before our next competition we decided to visit Sonwabo and honour them with a certificate as a sign of recognition of their good work.”

Sonwabo Primary School’s deputy principal Mzuvukile Felana said the competition is a great opportunity for their pupils and that it encourages them to read more as it includes general knowledge quizzes. “We became part of the organisation in 2016, and we came in 2nd place and that was big for us because it was our first year in the competition.

“We encourage kids to participate and to read more, by doing so, it prepares them to be fast and independent thinkers,” said Mr Felana.

“The teachers play a vital role in helping our learners be the best in the competition.

The competition starts in the classrooms – through reading, asking general questions and through educational games. ‘

“Twelve learners are selected based on who performs best in science, history and maths.”