Social entrepreneur’s story told in children’s book

Donald Vusumzi Puza has published his first book.

After years of living a life of crime which eventually saw him imprisoned, Donald Vusumzi Puza learned the error of his ways and transformed his life.

The 38-year-old who is a former radio presenter at Bush FM, recently celebrated the launch of a children’s book called Donald The Bake, which is based on his life.

Since his release from prison years ago, he had been actively involved in community development and introducing the culture of entrepreneurship to the children of Khayelitsha.

Donald Vusumzi Puza is excited about his book but he appeals for support from the community

Explaining the title of the book, he said that when he was at school he could not properly write or speak IsiXhosa and many of his schoolmates used to make fun of that.

He informed his mother about what was happening at school and to make him feel better, his mother taught him to bake. And since then, his passion for baking has grown.

He told Vukani he used to take his baked goods to school and share them with his peers who soon stopped giving him a hard time, and admired his baking skills. He also taught them how to bake and in that way, developed friendships.

This book, he said, tells his story and how he started baking, in the hope that he can empower young people to make a difference in their communities and have the courage to follow their dreams.

Most importantly, though, he added, he wanted to instil the spirit of entrepreneurship in young people.

“I started selling my products around the streets until I managed to receive a shipping container. The book hopes to promote healthy eating whilst I’m also trying to give back to the community,” he said.