Social club comes to the aid of fire victims

Needy residents and fire victims were given the opportunity to to take whatever they wanted from the donation by Kalawa VW Club of Khayelitsha.

When a Khayelitsha social club saw hundreds of shacks gutted by a fire in Taiwan, Site C in early January, they knew it had to do something, particularly because Covid-19 and the lockdown restrictions in place to prevent its spread had added to people’s misery.

The members of the Kalawa VW Club took it upon themselves to source funds to buy clothes and collect donations of clothes to help the Taiwan fire victims.

Young and old queued outside the local church, the New Kingdom Apostolic Christian Church in Taiwan, Site C to get clothes.

On Sunday January 24, club members distributed loads of clothes to hundreds of needy residents in the area. At least for the coming winter, residents will have clothes.

One of the beneficiaries, Ntombane Mdlankomo expressed her gratitude for the gesture.

“These young people have done a good job to monitor the distribution. Personally I am very happy and pleased by how this organisation has helped us. We are less fortunate here. Most people are unemployed. That fire ripped us apart. These clothes help us a lot, especially the seniors and kids,” she said

Local committee chairperson Lungelwa Xhiphu and her deputy Thembela Xolani were also thrilled with the help they got.

“We are very appreciative for the help because it was very hard to get help for people. These are young people that are using their energy to the right directions,” said Mr Xolani.

Initially, they said, they had not known what to expect from members of a car club. “That they are driving golfs, many of us thought they were thugs. We never knew that they are a social club that cares for their communities. But now we know. They have used their time, energy, tyres, bought petrol to go around collecting these donations. That alone tells us that they have their goals set in life. We are grateful,” said Mr Xolani.

Ms Xhiphu added; “They have shown care and love to poor people. When they communicated the message to me that they will be coming here, I was really excited because residents were going to gain something. The fire left many with nothing during a bad month of January. This is great from young people. May they have many more lives to grow their communities,” she said.

The club’s president Amandla Apleni said when he saw the plight of Taiwan, he was taken and had find a way for him and his club members to help.

“We saw their plight and immediately decided to make a plan and do something. We then decided to take from us what we are not using and give it before going to the public out there. The members bought the idea. That is why we are here today,” he said.

Organiser Sivuyile Skeyi all those who had donated clothes and said from Taiwan they were going to Site B where they would be handing over another donation to a family of 10 who were all unemployed.

Kalawa VW Club organiser Sivuyile Skeyi and other members of the club were welcomed with warm hearts and hands by residents of Taiwan in Site C on Sunday. The club donated loads of clothes to the victims of fire.