‘Skollies’ killed in grisly shoot-out

Home occupants busy cleaning the blood that was literally all over the house.

Site B residents in Khayelitsha say they are living in an area where “skollies” rule with at least six people having been killed and seven injured in clashes between rival groups in the area.

According to residents, the killings were sparked by a stand-off between two groups that are acting as guards at Somali-owned shops.

The residents said there is a new group that wants their fair share of the area to guard but the old group will not budge.

It is allegedly this impasse which led to the killing of the six people on Sunday morning.

Speaking to Vukani on Monday March 9, one resident described Site B as “hell”, and being woken up by the noise of fighting and gunshots. He said the golden rule for anyone who wants to come to the area is, “don’t live near a Somali shop and do not own a shop if you are a South African”.

“We are ruled by skollies who claim to be the guards of Somalians shops,” he said.

“These are dangerous people and we know the killings are as a result of the two militia groups fighting for territory. It is a well known thing in Khayelitsha, I mean the entire Khayelitsha,” he said.

Another resident who lives near to where the killings took place, said she was considering leaving the area. “I was deep in sleep when my son knocked and asked us why we were asleep while people were being killed. I could not hear the gunshots.

“I slept like a child on the day. But after seeing the bodies, I got sick and I am still not okay. Had I had my way, I would leave the area as in now,” she said.

Ward councillor Monde Nqulwana said it was a pity that people weare living in fear after yet another tavern shooting claimed the lives of six people and left seven others wounded. “As a citizen of this country and a resident of Site B, I condemn these killings. It means there is a lot that we are not doing right. I have heard the allegations of two groups fighting for territory but that has not been proven. It might be true or wrong. If that is the case, police need to have answers,” he said.

He appealed to residents to be calm and allow the police to do their job.

“Residents have every reason to be scared and be concerned. But let me appeal to them to calm down. We have police to deal with this. Our responsibility as residents is to stay vigilant of what is happening around us. Let us report anything that is not normal to police and let them handle it,” he appealed

When Vukani visited the home where the incident took place, the place was still covered in blood. An occupant who is believed to be the brother of another deceased, who did not want to speak to Vukani, was busy cleaning the place. Police spokesperson Novela Potelwa said Provincial detectives were working around the clock in pursuit of the perpetrators, that several individuals had been questioned and that investigators were following up leads.