Site C woman, 61, says rats ’feast’ on her at night

Nokuthula Mangwane inside her home in Site C.

The 61-year-old Nokuthula Mangwane, who lives in an informal settlement in Site C Called Ireland, is fearful of rats which she says feast on her every day.

A small well behind her shack is littered with rubbish that she believes is attracting unwelcome visitors.

For more than 20 years she has lived in her home, which she owns with her husband who is currently in the Eastern Cape.

Life for Nokuthula Mangwane is not easy in the informal settlements of Site C.

Ms Mangwane said for some time now she has had rats in her home. “They spike my neck every night. It is rare for me to have a peaceful sleep. In fact there is no sleep here,” she said.

She does not have a cat or a dog which might scare the pests off and there are holes in her house which makes it even easier for the rodents to get inside.

And it’s not only her the rats are gnawing at. They are also eating the little food she has.

The terrified woman lives on a social grant money.

Other residents who spoke to Vukani said they have also been affected by the rat infestation. And they agree that the problem stems from garbage dumped in the area.

Yamkela Mangwane called Vukani to witness her aunt’s trouble and hopefully get her some help to get out of the area or maybe a better house.

“The last time I saw her she had wounds from the rats. I cannot be there all the time because I live in Mfuleni. I only come to her to clean after some time.

“I blame the well behind her shack. The truth is, she is at risk of coronavirus and tuberculosis. That situation she is in is bad. People even throw dead dogs and cats in that small river. It is bad for her health. I hope they can have a better house,” she said.

Despite numerous calls and messages from Vukani, Ward 87 councillor Mlulami Velem could not be reached for comment.