Site B’s ‘Iron Lady’ appeals for help

A group of young children who are mentored by Noncedo Primrose Twesi kept grannies and some residents glued to their perfromance.
Noncedo Primrose Twesi founder of Nceduluntu soup kitchen needs help to cover up the operating costs of her soup kitchen

Noncedo Primrose Twesi from Site B, who runs Nceduluntu soup kitchen from her own pocket, has made an impassioned plea for support.

Ms Twesi, a 62-year-old mother of five and grandmother of five, is her family’s sole breadwinner and she uses her pension grant to fund the soup kitchen from her home.

At times, she takes food from the house to fund the soup kitchen so that people who are dependent on it can have something to eat.

Ms Twesi, who is affectionately known as the “Iron Lady” in her community because she is a “tough cookie” who ensures that things get done, started her soup kitchen in 2017.

Ms Twesi started the kitchen after she discovered that some people did not have a decent meal while others were not taking their medication because they did not have something to eat.

She said she felt obligated to do something even if it meant that at times she sacrificed some of her things to ensure that there is food for the kitchen every day.

She feeds about 1000 people a week and there have been times when the food runs out while peopel are still waiting.

“I started this when I was still working and at least that time I did not feel the burden of running this soup kitchen. I will be honest with you that it is very tough to keep the doors of this kitchen open now because I’m no longer working.

“At times I do think of quitting but then I realised that there are people who are dependent on this kitchen and have no other means of getting food. That is what keeps me going. I really hope that I can get support so that I can continue to be a beacon of hope in this community,” she said.

Ms Twesi said the soup kitchen is now closed because she is heading to Eastern Cape for the holidays and she is worried that some people will go hungry while she is away.

Resident, Emilina Dyani, said she was shocked when she learnt that Ms Twesi was not receiving any support from government or local businesses in the area.

“Few or none will take money out of their pockets and spend it on people they do not know or are not even related to but she is devoted to helping the needy,“ she said.

Ms Dyani said she pleaded with the community to help Ms Twesi.

Another resident, Nosakhele Mafilika applauded Ms Twesi for her courage and showing the spirit of Ubuntu.

“It is an leading example of how the community should be,” she said.