Shushukuma leaders demand to see housing list

Community leader, Bongani Mbuyazwe, says they wanted to see the housing list whether it was the correct version or not.

Leaders of the Shushukuma informal settlement in Mfuleni have called on the City of Cape Town to share their development plans for the area and reveal the list of the residents who are on the housing database.

The ward councillor, however, has said this is not an option as the database contained confidential information.

The leaders argued that some people who had lived in the area had sold their shacks years ago and left the province. It is for this reason that they wanted to scrutinise and if necessary, update the housing list.

They said that in the 20 years the informal settlement had existed, there had been little development.

Community leader, Bongani Mbuyazwe said their efforts get a copy of the list from the City had been unsuccessful.

“We don’t want to say people are on the housing list but they are not. We don’t want to see the community fight amongst themselves should the time to get the houses come.

“We simply want to verify this list but it seems as if the City is not willing to give it to us.

Mr Mbuyazwe said they also wanted the City to speed up its development plans for the area.

The community of Shushukuma wants the City of Cape Town to provide the with a detailed plan of their housing development.

He said they had seen other communities in the area of Mfuleni being developed and yet nothing is said about their community.

Ward councillor, Jerome Fitz, said he was aware of this matter and that he had informed the residents that the housing list could not be made public because it included people’s confidential details.

He added that he would speak to relevant authorities to find out how they could assist the community leaders and that he was waiting for the authorities to inform him about the development plans for the area.