Sheikh delivers food to the elderly

Sheik Nazeem Ntintili handed over parcels to the elderly.

As Muslims across the globe were preparing to celebrate Eid, Harare Mosque ’s Sheik Nazem Ntintili was visiting was delivering food parcels to the elderly.

Depending on the sighting of the moon, Eid will be celebrated either today, Thursday May 13 or tomorrow, Friday May 14.

“We are keeping in mind many Muslims around the world who are less fortunate than we are. But I felt we should share this with non Muslims as well,” said Sheik Ntintili.

He said said after sharing enough food with members of his mosque he was able to collect more food parcels for others as well.

As the sheik criss-crossed Khayelitsha from Enkanini to Zwezwe, Kuyasa, Harare and Site B, he was met by appreciative recipients.

Gogo Nomakazi Mhlobo, 80, said she was very happy to receive the food parcels as they would help her feed her six grandchildren.

“I have never seen people from this religion and I am happy that their reverend came to see us and share the little he has with us,” she said.

Sheikh Ntintili burst into public eye when he converted his shebeen into a mosque in 2017. The former devout Christian who lived in Crossroads, began his journey into Islam in 1992 with his soccer pals from Mitchell’s Plain.

He continues his mission to change the ways of Harare’s youth at his Harare Masjid and Islamic Learning Centre.