Shaping the minds of young artists

Mzukisi ’Muzra’ Khuse, the founder of Ziyawamo arts and culture, said the aim of the organisation is to empower young artists.

When asked what drives him to excel, Mzukisi “Mzura” Khuse says: “I’m driven by the marginalised and talented young people who are eager to make it in the music industry and yet lack basic information and tools to turn their dreams into reality” .

Mr Khuse is the founder of Ziyawamo Arts and Culture an NGO which strives to empower young people with critical information about the ins and outs of the music industry.

Last Friday, the NGO held another round of its monthly music workshops at Ithemba Labantu Lutheran Community Centre in Philippi where the young artists and creatives gathered to be empowered with information.

The workshop was on revenue streams in the current economic times, with guest speakers sharing advice on how to protect one’s music and establish oneself as a brand from the get-go.

Mr Khuse believes that if young artists are equipped with skills and information in the early years of their careers they stand a better chance of making wise and informed career decisions.

“I want to change the lives of young creatives so that they could be independent and create a sustainable revenues through their music careers,“ he said.

“The workshop (was aimed at showing) the young creatives that there are many ways of making money in the music industry.

“At the present moment, artists can’t perform to huge crowds and make big events because of Covid-19 restrictions and I wanted to show them other ways of making money,” he said.

Head of Artist and Repertoire at Sheer Publishing, Karabo Motijoane, was very frank with the young artists, pointing out that many did not do research the business side of the music industry but only focused on being famous rather than taking care of their financial well-being.

“You have to spend money and resources on what you believe in. Double your efforts. Ask around and network with relevant people,” he said.

Up and coming artist from Nyanga, Siyamthanda Tekana, said he had attended about six similar workshops which had all addressed different issues.

He said it was important that they become more informed about the business side of the music so that he could make wise and well-informed decisions.

Head of artist and repertoire at Sheer publishing, Karabo Motijoane, urged artists to take their craft seriously
These are the young creatives who attended the Ziyawamo arts and culture music workshop.